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Dj Sinclair - Bells (RPG Mix)

£6.99 / On Sale

DIFFERENT CIRCLES PRESENT: the second release on limited sub-label Devils

Placed beside Sinclair’s Ricky/Gunman What [2016] one-two for Keysound, the sino-futuristic instrumental pressure of Bells (RPG Mix) effectively doubles the London producer’s tally of releases in fine style, slyding along Far Eastern scales in weightless dimensions of liquified gamelan melody, zipping syn-flutes and fiyah-breathing Triton bass, all buffeted into sweepingly cinematic contours but all kept locked-on course for the dance and DJs in-the-mix.

Thanks to Sinclair’s up-to-the-minute mixing sorcery and discreet use of sampled dialogue, it’s a strong cut above the instrumental grime field right now, and a mighty strong look for any and all in orbit of grime and it’s current mutations.

Hot tip!