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Different Circles 004 - Airhead - Kazzt / Kazzt (Mumdance remix)

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Airhead 'Kazzt'
Release Date: 22nd July 2016
Label: Different Circles
Format: Limited hand-stamped vinyl 12"
Cat No: DIFF004

Different Circles are proud to present


Airhead's long-awaited return to vinyl following his 2014 releases on 1-800 Dinosaur and Hemlock. Label co-head Mumdance makes a rare foray into remix territory - his first in seven years - on the AA side, twisting up the original and making it look really strange

"Kazzt is another milestone in the linage of our discography and is another very important step towards slowly carving out the Different Circles sound - stripping things down to the very bare bones and focusing on sonics, weight and disorientation".

- Mumdance

Limited hand stamped vinyl copies only.